About  Sakury

SAKURY Cosmeceutical represents a new generation of mineral hydro-microdermabrasion (cosmetic and derma care).

The silica abrasive surface is made by using quartz of 99.7% purity. Apart from gently cleaning and exfoliating the skin, the abrasive surface delivers amorphous silica right into the skin and nails. Silica is important for skin and nails formation. 

All products are designed and manufactured by Patented Technology in the Czech Republic (Europe). The production requires hand made which ensures high quality of the products.

Zuzana Skutchanova, Founder of Sakury Cosmeceutical

Our philosophy

Our products are based on the principle that amorphous silica, which can be added back into your skin and reversing any present signs of aging, and preventing further damage. Silica is an essential element which is important for the formation of new skin cells, supports the formation of collagen/elastin fibers and is indispensable in binding the water in the skin. It is a return to natural power and positive effects.

The patented technology produced by the products is environmental and zero waste.

The ergonomic design of the products is designed for easy application and comfortable hold. Product designs are meant to be attractive and pleasing to the eye. Even when it comes to everyday products. We were inspired by the old Feng Shui philosophy.