NEW for your skincare at home! 

Enjoy easy and gentle microexfoliation, depilation and Gua Sha massage.

Mineral Face Care Set - Spa Day at Home

This set is designed for maximum and quality skin care at home, which fully replaces the care of a beauty salon. The set offers MICROEXFOLIATION, DEPILATION and Gua Sha MASSAGE.

Care suitable for normal, sensitive and combination skin, but also for problematic skin - acne, blackheads/ whiteheads, enlarged pores and milia.

Use MICROEXFOLIATION is simple - some 60 seconds, once a week you gently caress your moistened face and neck with circular motions and you will see the results very soon. After application, the skin is not tight and dry, but silky and elastic. If you will use creams and serum after usage it get better absorbed. Do not repeat the micro-exfoliation in the same place more than once! Do not use force or pressure!                                                                     DEPILATION is simple too. Depilation is suitable for removing hair on the upper lip and peach fuzz. Can be used as a rough exfoliation (dermaplaning).                            GUA SHA MASSAGE. Take off your skin first. By performing a gentle facial peeling that removes dead cells, you can promote the effect of oils. Then apply the medium as needed so that the gua sha stone travels over the skin without pulling or pushing the skin in front of you. Start the massage on the neck and only then focus on the face. Direct all movements from the center to the sides in three, maximum ten repetitions.

Maintenance is simple, after application abrasive surface rinse under running warm water and allow to air dry. Mineral silica abrasive surface is hygienic.


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